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Turkish Rail System Vehicles Industry Inc. (TÜRASAŞ) increases the speed in railway freight transportation. Another innovation is coming for the new generation freight wagons that can operate at 120 km/h on railways, thanks to the Y25Ls(s)d-KP1 type bogie with KP and Compact brake systems developed by TÜRASAŞ R&D Center.

Continuing its work in the field of production of Turkey's rail system vehicles and sub-components, TÜRASAŞ has added a new one to its product range. Y25Ls(s)d-KP1 H type bogie, whose 10 million cycle fatigue tests have been successfully completed within the scope of the suitability for use in international railways (TSI) criteria, has become ready for production. This new generation bogie, which was developed to be able to travel at 120 km/h under a loaded wagon, is the first freight wagon bogie in its class with this speed regime in our country.

This new generation bogie differs from other freight wagon bogies in terms of the economic gains it provides. Y25Ls(s)d type bogie; It has a significant advantage over other freight wagon bogies with its features such as being suitable for 'ss' speed regime, easy to maintain and low cost, being lighter, able to carry more load, and requiring fewer components due to its structure. At the same time, the Y25Ls(s)d-KP1 type bogie is suitable for use in many types of freight wagons.

Will Be Used for Military Shipment

TÜRASAŞ, which has the ability to specially design and produce according to different loads, will use this bogie in the Tank Transport Wagon specially designed for military shipments. The Y25Ls(s)d-KP1 H type bogie will first be used in the Tank Transport Wagon developed locally and nationally by TÜRASAŞ for the transportation of military vehicles. With this project, faster and more economical transportation will be possible compared to other freight wagons.

Domestic Y25Ls(s)d-KP1, Y25Lsdi(f)-KC1, which can be requested by many European railway operators and freight wagon manufacturers thanks to their features; CFCB and Y25Lsdi(f)-KW1; IBB10 type new generation bogies are aimed to be an important export product for our country.

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