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First Shipment of Domestic and National Railway Wheel Set Has Been Made

Karabuk Iron and Steel Industry and Trade Inc. (KARDEMİR) Turkey's first domestic and national railway wheelset was shipped to Sivas to be used in domestic and national freight wagons produced by TÜRASAŞ.

With the cooperation of TÜRASAŞ, which manufactures different types and features of rail system vehicles used in the national and international railway sector, and KARDEMİR, which produces Turkey's first domestic and national railway wheel set, the rate of locality in wagons is increased. In this direction, it is aimed to make the main and sub-components needed by the railway sector domestically and nationally and to eliminate foreign dependency with the cooperation of TÜRASAŞ and Kardemir.

These wheels, which are approved for use on international railways and have TSI certificate, can also be used in freight wagons to which they are exported. After the 8 wheel sets shipped by Kardemir at the first stage are used in the national freight wagons produced in TÜRASAŞ Sivas Regional Directorate, the shipment of the wheelsets whose mass production continues will continue.

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