Sayfa İçeriği



Capacity 54 000 kg
Tare 26 000 kg
Floor area 30 m2
Volume 55 m3
Chassis size 11700  mm
Length from bumper to bumper 12940 mm
Platform height 1265 mm
Wagon Height 3705 mm
Wagon width 3100 mm
Bogie Axis 7100
Bogie type Y25 Lsd
Bogie cross-axles 1800 mm
Wheel Diameter 920 MONOBLOCK
Axle Pressure 20 Ton
Daw gear Bracelet Switch (Type 540)
Daw Hook 100 Ton
Semi Auto Run. Plug. Coat Suitable
Buffer type Bracelet Switch (32 Kj)
Compressed Air Brake KE-GP (14")
Regulator Type DRV 2A-600
Hamule Box Type LV4
Handbrake On the landing
Chest Type Sheet Construction
Filling Assembly Overhead
Unloading Device With Its Own Weight
Place and Number of Unloading 8 Covers Under The Wagon
International Business Characteristics Suitable for RIV
Loading Table         A       B1      B2     C2-C4
      38 t    38,5 t 46 t    54 t
S    38 t    38,5 t    46 t