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Eskişehir Regional Directorate

TÜRASAŞ Eskişehir Regional Directorate, one of the leading industrial establishments of our country, operates in an open area of ​​540.000 m2 and a closed area of ​​183.700 m2. As a facility integrated with seven factories consisting of Locomotive Factory, Wagon Factory, Diesel Engine Factory, Rail System Vehicles Factory, Electric Machinery Factory, Gear and Wheel Manufacturing and Maintenance and Auxiliary Production Factories, it is a facility that manufactures, maintains and repairs various types of towing and towed vehicles. is a public institution.
With TCDD, it meets the needs of various types of locomotives, freight wagons, road maintenance vehicles and their sub-components and spare parts of domestic and foreign organizations.

The main fields of activity of TÜRASAŞ Eskişehir Regional Directorate are the production of various types of locomotives (diesel hydraulic, diesel electric, electric, hybrid) locomotives, freight cars, traction motor, bogie, wheel set, diesel engine production and maintenance and repair activities.

TÜRASAŞ Eskişehir Regional Directorate,
with the ability to produce 2 Diesel Electric and 4 Electric Locomotives per month in two different types at the same time in European Union (EU) standards; It has the capacity to manufacture 1 diesel engine and 2 locomotive revisions per week, three freight wagons and 2 traction motors per day.
It manufactures various types of freight wagons with EU standards, TSI certified, new technology, 100% domestic design and 90% domestic rate. TÜRASAŞ Eskişehir Regional Directorate also has ECM certification, which is a requirement for maintenance, repair and revision of freight wagons.