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Corporate Identity Presentation

A more dynamic TÜRASAŞ ...

Our General Directorate of TÜRASAŞ is the biggest representative of the Rail Systems Sector of our country, with our experience and knowledge of more than a century in the railway sector, with our three regions, our manpower of more than 3500 and our facilities producing national and domestic technologies in total 370 thousand m².

TÜRASAŞ has a deep-rooted corporate culture. Many factors that make up this culture show the common understanding and goals of the institution. In the changing and developing world conditions, we have gained the chance to compete in the sector with a dynamic, not static, TÜRASAŞ. Maintaining this dynamism is our main goal.

Gathering the activities of our three well-established public-funded institutions under a single roof will not only increase the efficiency of these companies, but also lay the groundwork for a sustainable strategy, save energy, save time and resources, strengthen the work for the main field of activity and bring a new dynamism to the sector by reducing costs.

Being aware that we can only build tomorrow from today, we carry out our work at TÜRASAŞ. Every work done targets tomorrow rather than today. We take care that the steps we take in every field, from the quality of our products to the improvement of working conditions, from the collaborations established to the correct communication strategy, are the steps that will carry TÜRASAŞ to the future.

Today, as TÜRASAŞ, we look at the world from the threshold of a bright future and we see that it must always be more advanced than the point we look at. TÜRASAŞ has undertaken an important mission in order to reach wider segments with its technology-intensive production and to maintain stable growth by following the sectoral developments closely with its innovative perspective.

This new structure operates with a mentality that takes into account the sector and the public interest as well as the profit goal.

In the Rail System Vehicles Sector, in international standards;

    New Generation Locomotives,
    Diesel and Electric Train Sets,
    Freight and Passenger Wagons,
    Diesel Engine and Traction Engine

The most important vision of our company, which produces main and sub-products such as such, is to have a say in the sector with new generation products bearing its own brand not only in our country but also in the international arena.

We continue our efforts to meet the demands in the design and manufacture of domestic and national Metro, Tram and Commuter vehicles for our municipalities in the Light Rail System Vehicles Sector, especially the National High Speed ​​Train.

As TÜRASAŞ, we continue to work not only with the domestic and national design and production of rail system vehicles, but also for the localization of critical sub-components or to increase the localization rates. Our aim is to increase the added value of our products and to become an R&D focused company.

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