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Conference Carriage

It is specially manufactured for industrialists and businessmen to use in their travels. The train, which is designed and equipped to work in a comfortable environment; It has been specially designed and manufactured with wagons that contain all the necessary system equipment for more efficient meetings.

Rail Aperture 1435mm
Bumper-to-Bumper Wagon Length 26400 mm
Chest Length 26100 mm
Boji Between Belly Axes 19000 mm
Wagon Width 2825 mm
Wagon Height 4050 mm
Floor Height 1250 mm
Moving Step Height 565 mm
External Doors Electro-Pronmatic Revolving Sliding Doors
Outer Door Free Entry Opening 800 mm
Forehead Wall Gate Doors Electro-Pronmatic Revolving Doors
Forehead Wall Gate Doors Free Entrance Opening 730 mm
Bogie Y-32
Wheel Diameter (New / Worn) 920/870 mm
Wheel Type monobloc
Minimum Curve Radius 150 m
Uncoupled and No-Loaded Curve Radius 80 m
Brake Disc Brake
Brake Weight P = 74 tG = 56 t.
Hand Brake Weight 30 t.
Harness Set CER 02.072.00
Maximum Speed 160 km / h
Meeting Hall Seats 21
Meeting Room Table Seats 26
Conference System President + 13 Members
Lighting Arrangement Two Row Fluorescent (Hidden)
Number of WC Alafranga / 2 Orient Type
TV-Video Installation DVD Player + 42 ”Plasma TV + 19” LCD TV
Water Tank Volume 2x285 + 1x171 Liter
Air Conditioning System 40 KW Heating- 35 KW Cooling- 1200 m³ / h Fresh Air /