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Candidates who have been placed in our Institution according to the 2022/2 placement results of the Higher Education Council Assessment, Selection and Placement Center Presidency must apply to the Human Resources Department of our General Directorate in person or by mail, together with the documents written below, until 27.01.2023 at the latest. If the documents of the candidates who will deliver documents by mail are not delivered to the Human Resources Department of our General Directorate by the end of the working day on 27.01.2023 at the latest, the candidates will be deemed not to have applied. It is important to be sensitive about the issue in order not to cause victimization, taking into account the postal transportation time.
This announcement is in the nature of a notification and no written notification will be made to the candidates other than this announcement.
It is announced to the interested parties.
1-Internet printout of the placement result document
  2- Copy of the diploma with the original
  3- Copy of Identity Card-Identity Document (2 pieces)
  4- Criminal record document (Documents received via e-government will be accepted)
  5- Military service status certificate for male candidates (Documents obtained through e-government will be accepted), discharge certificate for candidates who have completed their military service
  6- Delegation report from a full-fledged State Hospital or Official University Hospitals
  7- 8 photographs (conforming to the dress code)
  8- Certificate of residence
  9- Curriculum vitae (It will be prepared as handwritten text.)
10- Insured service breakdown via e-government
11- Opening a Vakıfbank salary account and submitting the account information


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